Cancer in Larynx

Cancer in Larynx – KL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment


Larynx is an organ in the throat. It’s at the front of the neck. This organ is about 2 inches wide, which is about the size of lime. The larynx is also called the voice box. It has two bands of muscle that form the vocal cords. The cartilage at the front of the larynx is sometimes called the Adam apple.

Cancer in larynx

Cancer in larynx, also called laryngeal cancer, occur when the malignant cells form in the tissues of larynx. Many cancers of the larynx, which is part of the respiratory tract, begin the vocal cords.

Symptoms of cancer in larynx
The symptoms of cancer in larynx depend mainly on the size and location of the tumor.

Most cancers in larynx begin on the vocal cords. These tumors are seldom painful, but they almost always cause hoarseness or other changes in the voice.

Tumors in the area above the vocal cords may cause a lump on the neck, a sore throat or an earache.

Tumors that begin in the area below the vocal cords are rare and can make it hard to breathe. Your breathing may become noisy.

A cough that doesn’t go away or the feeling of a lump in the throat may also be warning signs of cancer in larynx. As the tumor grows, it may cause pain, weight loss, bad breath, and choking on food. In some cases, a tumor in the larynx can make it hard to swallow.

If you got any sign and symptoms about the cancer in larynx come early to see Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment to cure the cancer.

Causes of cancer in larynx

Smoking cigarette causes most of cancer in larynx. Heavy smokers who have smoked cigarette for a long time are most at risk for cancer in larynx.

People who are heavy drinkers are more likely to develop cancer in larynx than people who don’t drink alcohol. The risk increase with the amount of alcohol that a person drinks. However not everyone who drinks heavily will develop the disease.

Family history – People who have a first degree relative diagnosed with a head and neck cancer have double the risk of laryngeal cancer of someone without a family history. A first degree relative is a parent, brother, sister or child.

Research by KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment many possible risk factors includes:

    • Poor eating habits-not enough vitamins from fruits and vegetables
    • Weakened immune system
    • Exposure to chemicals and certain substances an example wood dust, paint fumes and soot
    • Acid reflux


Cancer in larynx treatment by Chinese master in KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment

KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment are the best place to make diagnosis and treatment cancer in larynx. Chinese master is a famous person through the world as a magician physician. More of people know him in cancer treatment because after this many patients come to KL Kuala Lumpur have fully in recovered from cancer in larynx.

Chinese master is a Founder of The Tole Acupuncture – Herbal Medical Center Sdn Bhd in KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He is the fourth generation and comes from a long line of family Chinese medical practitioners. For four Generations, and more than 140 years of practicing in Kuala Lumpur China Town, his family passed on to Master all the family’s discipline of studies. Groomed by his father and uncle from an early age, he is considered by many to be gifted in this field. He is recognized by China as a world class physician. He received the Honorable Merit Award from China and also received the Han Dynasty Antique Needles Award from China.

Chinese master using a secret cancer herbal in his treatment that research in 145 years go. This herbal can restore abnormal cell to be a normal and begin function in larynx. Even though, secret herbal also can increase the qi (energy) of the patient’s body system. Besides that, in Chinese treatment also have no side effect and without any surgery so it’s very unique and rare treatment in the world.

Someone who has cancer in larynx doesn’t be panic and sad because KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture are the right of place to make diagnosis and treatment about cancer in larynx. The recovery rates depends on the grade, stages and types of cancer, the location cancer, the size of cancer,how long that cancer are happen and also age and patients general health. someone who have sign and symptoms of  cancer in larynx come early as soon as possible to see Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment because come early can take more advantages in complete recovery.


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